Come Celebrate Our 69th Year on Feb. 21 - 22, 2014

Muskrat The Outdoor Show is held in Dorchester County each year with the goal of preserving Dorchester County's heritage by recognizing its resources and spot-lighting the people who carry out unique talents in their way of life. Our main objective is to educate both newcomers to the area and visitors about our rich and unique culture. We continually try to add new events. We invite your feedback and suggestions to provide what interest our supporters. The Show is planned and it's activities realized through the time and effort of countless volunteers. We are grateful to have the financial and physical support of local businesses, civic organizations and local residents. Proceeds of the show are used for future shows and are put back into the community to support education and regional awareness.


National Outdoor Show recognizes Dr. Eric Widmaier MD, and Kurt Riehl Jr for their sponsorship of the Duck Calling Competitions during the 2013 show.


Adults - $ 6.00
Children - Ages 3-12 $ 3.00


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